The 300 year old Asante Kingdom

Comments from Akwasi Asamoah

Ending all these confusion of where the Asantes came from and Akans as a whole. Being an Asante myself and knowing our history well as well as facts presented by earlier archeologist in the book ”An Outline of Asante History (1994)” by Osei Kwadwo. Akans belong to early Israeli family back in ancient mesopotamia and migrated to Egypt later on where Akans also ruled. Akans migrated south west wards during the Arabic up rising into the old Ghana empire with its capital Kumbi Saleh to protect them selves and their believe in Almighty God (Nyame). They became part of that empire and when the Morocan invation arose they splited them selves up into three main groups to save the existance of the Akan family incase any part of the group were caught by the Morocans. Part of the group took western south route these became coastal Akan speaking people namely Nzema, Fantes, Sehwe, the other middle belt these also became the Bono – Ahafo, Denkyera, Akyems, Akwamu and Akuapems and last took north the group that later became Asantes. It is only sad that our so called modern elders of today do not go that far into our history and blind folding people of the true facts of our history. Which is clearly to be found in our believe, language, names, the importance of gold in our culture, stools, rituals among other things which are the same to the ancient Isrealites and Egyptians especially. Example the child king ”Tutu ankomah which has been made Tut Ankamon” of Egypt and Asante’s current king ”Osei Tutu” has the same name ”Tutu”. This name is only used by Asantes of Ghana. Some of the Asante clans make claims to have come from the ground which is not true, it was when these clans were coming from hiding in the wholes that some thought they came from the ground and insist on this which is absurd. The Golden stool is true and that is what God gave us as a simble and keeps the kingdom together without the kingdom would not exist. Any one who know Asante culture would also easily see the resemberance between the Mansa Musa Empire of Mali aldough been muslim influenced yet their African royal hood and Asantes are the same. Example, the king sitting in a palanqueen, soldiers infront of the procession holding same shaped swords with gold on them, the kings use of gold. The name Mansa which the Asantes spel Mansah and even Kankan is also spelled in Asante as Kankam you just can’t beat that.