Johnny Depp launches line of books

If you have an “authentic, outspoken, and visionary” idea just waiting to be published, maybe you should ring up Johnny Depp.

The actor is launching his own list of books in partnership with HarperCollins’ Harper imprint, and those are the types of voices and ideas that he’s looking for.

Called Infinitum Nihil, the list wants to feature books that reflect the actor’s “diverse interests and passions” (think we should expect something on Tim Burton, eventually?) from both “celebrated and unsung” writers.

“I pledge, on behalf of Infinitum Nihil, that we will do our best to deliver publications worthy of peoples’ time, of peoples’ concern,” Depp said in a statement. “Publications that might ordinarily never have breached the parapet. For this dream realized, we would like to salute HarperCollins for their faith in us and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together.”

And the “Lone Ranger” actor already has some titles lined up. In January, Infinitum Nihil will release Woody Guthrie’s “House of Earth,” a novel he wrote in 1947 about the Texas Panhandle in the ’30s and never published. It also has a book coming from writer Doug Brinkley called “The Unraveled Tales of Bob Dylan,” in which Brinkley uses exclusive interviews and archival material to get to the truth about a number of topics pertaining to the legend.

“[Depp] and I thought the Dylan book was the ideal way to inaugurate the Infinitum Nihil series,” Brinkley said in the statement. “Bob has been very warm and forthcoming with us. His music has inspired us both deeply since we were teenagers.”

You’ll have to wait a bit for that one, though – “The Unraveled Tales of Bob Dylan” is due out in 2015.