Faces of Africa: The Hyena Men

In Nigeria there is a very mysterious band of brothers, a colourful troop of entertainers who are actually medicine men,they have a very interesting marketing tool as they perform with dangerous animals in order to attract crowds.The hyena men as they are referred to, were born into this tradition … [Read more...]

Faces Of Africa – Mpule: Beauty and Brains

  At the age of 19 Mpule won the 1999 Miss Universe beauty pageant. She used her platform to help in the fight against HIV/ AIDs. In 2000, she was appointed as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for HIV/AIDs in Sub-Saharan Africa … [Read more...]


Would I have to be black? Do you have a choice? Excellent answer!!! … [Read more...]

Faces Of Africa: Rastafarians coming Home to Africa

During colonial times, many Africans were traded for slavery in the Americas. When Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery, many started searching for their roots. For years, Rastafarians from Jamaica have gone to live in Shashemene Ethiopia, a land that the late Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia gave to … [Read more...]

Faces Of Africa – Winnie Mandela: Black Saint or Sinner

Winnie Mandela, a freedom fighter and the ex-wife of the late former South African president Nelson Mandela. Loved by many for her struggle to free her husband but on the other side disputed because of complicity for murder. Now more than 20 years on after her husband's release from prison, she … [Read more...]

Faces Of Africa – Idi Amin: Famous For the Wrong Reasons

Two sides to the man who hit the international charts in the 20th Century. Idi Amin has been called the Butcher of Uganda. His rule as the 3rd president of Uganda was characterised by the persecution of minority groups, torture and exalted self imposed title such as " Lord of All the Beasts of the … [Read more...]

Faces of Africa – King George Weah

George Weah, the African Footballer of the Century, needs little introduction. But "King George" is eager to build his legacy not only as an athlete, but as a man who served the people of his native Liberia. … [Read more...]

Faces of Africa: Sam Nujoma

Dr. Sam Nujoma anti-apartheid activist and politician who served as the first President of Namibia. Talks about the war, suffering and exile that he had to go through for the freedom of his country. … [Read more...]

Faces of Africa – Mugabe

92 year old Robert Mugabe is the president of Zimbabwe and has ruled the country since its independence. He’s the longest serving president in Africa. Over the years Mugabe has had a fair share of criticism and praise both abroad and home. … [Read more...]

Faces Of Africa – Sankara’s Ghost

27 years on and Thomas Sankara's legacy still lives on. Sankara was a profound leader with deep love for his country, Burkina Faso. But he would not live long enough to see his vision change his country for better. He was assassinated. "Faces of Africa" takes you through Sankara's journey and how … [Read more...]