American Idol Contestant Booted For Criminal History

During an unconventional show of “American Idol,” one of the contestants, Jermaine Jones, was kicked off of the singing competition due to a criminal background he failed to mention.

Executive producers Ken Warwick and Nigel Lythgoe Jones approached the singer about his past and, during Wednesday night’s (March 14) show, it was revealed that Jones has four outstanding warrants.Jones, who was one of the 13 finalists on the ABC reality show, was arrested twice in 2011 for giving police a fake name, and charged for an altercation he got into with a friend.

When asked why he didn’t come clean about his past from the beginning, Jermaine said, “I just was scared, nervous I didn’t want to get judged, I didn’t want to get penalized.”

Unfortunately, keeping his legal woes under wraps caused the starving singer to get booted off the show, as the producers explained that if he would have been honest from the start, they could have helped him.

Warwick told Jones, “We’re not judgmental at all, lots of kids come to us that have problems it’s part and parcel of what kids go through today we know that. If they come clean with us and tell us at the beginning we can help them.”

But because he didn’t, Warwick ultimately said, “The fact is we’re not allowed to have anyone that has an outstanding warrant on the program,” adding, “You’ve put us in a very delicate position… We have to let you go.”

Check out the entire sit down as the producers tell Jones he has to leave the competition.