Brad Pitt talks Brangelina wedding date at Cannes

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were in no hurry to get engaged and are not changing the pace to rush to the altar.

Just because Brad put a ring on it, that doesn’t mean wedding bells will be ringing anytime soon for the famous lovebirds.

Brad Pitt stepped out sans Angelina Jolie at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday for the Killing Them Softly press conference. When asked about a date for the big day, he didn’t hide details (probably because there really isn’t any).

“We actually, really and truly, have no date,” said Pitt.

Brad Pitt, 48, and his fiancé Angelina Jolie, 36, have previously stated that they didn’t want to tie the knot until marriage was equal for all.

“It’s just something that makes sense to us, and certainly date-wise, it’s just a rumor,” he continued. “We’re still hoping that we can figure out marriage equality in the states before that date.”

Angelina was not present at the press conference because she was “prepping for a movie,” Brad explained.