Come back to me Promzy – Bomaye pleads

994888384_250033Three months after Bomaye announced his breakup with his TV reality show sweetheart, Promzy, the ‘King of Hearts’ appear to be doing an about-turn.

Last January, Bomaye wrote on his facebook wall, “Promzy and I have ended our engagement, the decision was mutual, I’ll always adore her and we will remain great friends, the split marks a new chapter for both of us. I wish you and your loved ones all a happy new and a prosperous 2013”.

Now Bomaye says he wants Promzy back and promises never to treat her the way he did again.

He told Showbiz over the phone last Friday, “I truly love Promzy from the bottom of my heart but the break up had to happen for me to observe and know who she really was.”

“With such reality shows, everyone puts up the best behaviour so you don’t get to know the real person until you study her from afar and that is just what I did,” Bomaye said.

According to him, the whole idea of everyone wanting to know the whereabouts of Promzy anytime he stepped out made him feel like he did not have a private life.

“Anywhere I go without Promzy, people keep asking where she is and they want to find what is happening in terms of marriage and our future plans. This has made me regret my mistakes and I am now looking forward to having her back.”

He said “I broke the rules by choosing evicted Promzy instead of one of the three finalists – Chichi, Favour and Princy – as my prize wife because I knew what I wanted. I now know how much I love her after this short break up and I want her back”

Bomaye told Showbiz how difficult it had been for him trying to win back Promzy’s heart. He revealed that Promzy sometimes refused to pick his calls and hangs up on him when he calls her.

“No woman can ever win my heart the way Promzy does. I will do whatever she wants from me just to keep her. I want to tell her I truly love her and I am sorry for the pain I caused her by breaking up with her on Facebook, I promise to make it up to her.”

Speaking to Showbiz hours later over the phone, Promzy said “it is going to be difficult to go back Bomaye. I am sorry I don’t date my ex. As far as I am concerned my relationship with Bomaye is a dead issue. I would be the most stupid person to go back to Bomaye after humiliating me by breaking up with me on Facebook.

“In fact, if he is really serious, I have asked him to go on facebbook and the media houses to beg me for taking the wrong decision before I would consider friendship with him not to even talk of dating him back,” Promzy said.

According to Promzy, she truly loved Bomaye and wanted to settle down with him but for what he did, she can’t be sure the next action Bomaye would take.

“Now, I am single and ready to mingle, Bomaye is a thing of the past. I can’t date him again. I know he is trying his best to get my attention and I wish to tell him sincerely to put a stop to his efforts because he is wasting his time.

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