Top comic actor,singer and MC,Kingsley Ogbonna popularly called Dauda has paid his dues and carved a nitche for himself in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Dauda is not only one of the most celebrated comic actors in the industry,but also one of the very few who started music comedy with over four albums to his credit.

The gist here is that he has found a new style of anchoring events.Recently,at one of the biggest events held in Nollywood,Dauda who wasn’s inspired to crack jokes in between his delivery,resorted to Abusive words.

Although he did not tongue lash his audience,Dauda focused attention on his colleagues and verbally abused them.He started with veteran actor Tom Njemanze and washed him down,he insisted that after Sam Loco Efe’s death,Mr. Njemanze shold be the next to die as deaths in the industry should be according to age.

Immediately he discovered that people’s reaction towards his comment was not impressive,he reverted his statement and said: Tom Njemanze you will never die but live long in Jesus name,amen

Subsequently,he called top actress Oge Okoye and star actor Francis Duru to assist in cutting of cake.After the exercise he nonchalantly told them Oge Okoye and Francis Duru please you people should foolishly move back to your seats.Foolish people,please foolishly move back to your seats

Although people laughed at this statement,his colleagues Mrs Okoye and Mr.Duru did not find it funny at all as they kept complaining to each other while walking towards their seats.

It was later revealed that Dauda soaked himself with alcohol before mounting the podium to anchor the event.