Controversy Hits Acrress Dakore Over Different Nose Looks

545539279_921765Nollywood media reports over the weekend suggested that actress Dakore Egbuson-Akende has under gone nose surgery.

But the actress is yet to confirm or deny the claim.
“The question many people have not found an accurate answer to is the recent nose the Nollywood actress is carrying,” reported on Friday.

The website said it recently came across a picture of the mother of one and couldn’t help but notice how different her face, particularly her nose, looks now.

Even though photo experts said the angle of camera when taking the picture might have influenced how the nose looked, the website insiders alleged that she had gone for plastic surgery.

Some also said it was just because of her new status as a married woman that had led to the change in body structure.

“What we believe, however, is that, Dakore is an African woman who is also a Christian, she wouldn’t, in her wildest dream, change the way God has created her.287904233_533895

Anyway, until we hear from her, we cannot be sure if she did plastic surgery on the nose or not. “The shape of Dakore’s new nose no doubt looks better than the old; but does it make her more beautiful?”