Face Of Tertiary Embarks On Save The Child Campaign

Beautiful winner of 2012 edition of Face of Tertiary pageant Esinam Amegbanu is embarking on an anti-child labour campaign to help curb the menace of child labour in Ghanaian communities.

The campaign is dubbed ‘Save A Child TV Documentary’, and it will be in the form of a TV documentary. It will be shown twice every week within 15 minutes on some of Ghana’s popular TV stations. There are 26 episodes.

The queen will discover victims of child labour and find social support for them and that will be recorded and shown on TV. Esinam will go onto the streets and talk to victims and follow up on their stories to their guardians or families to find out how society can help in their predicaments.

The second face of the project will be raising funds to support the welfare of the children and gradually move them from the streets and give them some vocational training.

Esinam told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that “the documentary will also seek to educate and sensitize the general public about negative effects of child labour and help provide solution to the canker. The project will present solutions to other problems that result in child labour such as parental poverty, unemployment, rural urban migration child abuse, HIV/AIDS among others.”

The project will kick off sometime next month and she and her team will be targeting places as Western, Greater Accra, Northern, Volta and Central regions for the project. Twenty-two-year-old Esinam won this year’s competition after putting up an impressive performance at the grind finale in Accra.

From the Volta Region, precisely Battor, Esinam is from a family of four, made up of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Amegbanu and her brother, Kingsley. She is currently a student of University For Development Studies in Navrongo reading Medical Micro-Biology. She started school from St. Paul Methodist Preparatory and Junior High then to Tema Senior High School, where she read science.

Growing up, she had two dreams; to take care of kids and needy in society. That prompted her decision to read science to become medical doctor to take care of people. She thought the beauty pageant was another platform to help people; hence her decision to be part of it.
“Face of Tertiary is a social network for student to come together. But seriously I was part of it because I want to use it as a platform to give back to society and support others.”

Source: News One