“I Was A Serial Womanizer”- Morris

127363813_339555One of Ghana’s most talented sound engineers based in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, Moris D’Voice has said that he was a serial womanizer until he met Christ.

He said this during a program organized by Sky TV in Takoradi in the Western Region during their festive Gospel music jam last weekend. As the program was nearing its end, he called back the audience and displayed a little performance indicating where Satan took him to by singing to the audience worldly songs he composed and recorded.

In the confession, he said that there were some sinful deeds that he never committed when he was with Satan because he was trained and nurtured in a Christian home. “Sinful activities like taking in alcohol, was a taboo for me. Wee, cigarette and other demonic activities were something you could never see me doing. The only problem I had was womanizing. I used to womanize than a dog. It got to a time, I had to sleep with more than four ladies in a day and I thought I was the hottest guy in town; not knowing Satan was the one fooling me,” Morris De Voice narrated.

“My brothers and sisters, this continued until I came to possess demons that had sexual intercourse with me anytime I close my eyes to sleep. I stopped going to church. Then one day, God revealed Himself to me and coincidentally met with prophesy of a man of God who told me the same things I saw in my dreams. Even though I still doubted it, God continued to speak to me until I was deeply convinced that God was calling me,” he added.

At the moment, Morris says he is now a Christian and has accepted Jesus as his saviour. “I have left behind all the mess and I have promised myself I will never turn back. Now Jesus is ruling my heart”.

“My brothers and sisters, Jesus is coming soon. Let us give our lives to Christ before the judgment day takes us unawares. We need to remember one thing that, at the end of death, there will be judgment” he preached.

Source: Flex Newspaper