I Won’t Sell My Old Car – Funny Face

Ghana’s leading comedian, Funny Face might be expected to sell his old vehicle after getting the new customized Range Rover but the comedian says he has no intention of doing such.

Appearing on The Late Nite Celebrity Show, Funny Face told host Dzifa Smith that his car would be a monument for generations yet to be born.

He said, “That car is in the museum now. Children should come and watch it. That car brought me glory and I am not going to sell that car.” “This car will live eighty years and I will tell my grand children, ‘this car brought me life,” he said in an exciting mood.

According to Funny Face, “I used to speak to the old car, but the Range Rover speaks to me. This car will ask me, ‘did someone insult you today’? I will say ‘yes’ and he will tell me, ‘don’t mind them, it is poverty’”

Funny Face revealed that he initially took it as a joke when Togolese footballer, Sheyi Adbayor promised him a new car after his car “embarrassed” at the footballer’s charity show. The Tottenham Hotspurs footballer presented a customised Range Rover to the Ghanaian comedian on his birthday a little over a week ago to the pleasant surprise of most people in show business.

Funny Face wittily said, “Basically when he came out to say that he will buy me a car, Samini laughed, 4X4 laughed and I laughed because we thought that it was a joke,” he told Dzifa Smith on the show.

“You know I ‘emceed’ his programme for four days on a roll and later on, he asked me how much I would charge for the show. And I said ‘why will I charge you? You do this charity shows for free. You help people. So why should I charge you’? “He asked his manager what my name is and the manager said ‘oh, he is a comedian’”.

At this moment, Adebayor yearned to return the favour to Funny Face beyond his wildest imagination. The vehicle Funny Face had attended Adebayor’s charity event in refused to start when the programme came to an end leaving the comedian to face reality in a frustrating manner.

“I know my car-I know what that car can do. The car gave me trouble; the car decided not to move after the show. Ladies laughed at me and I felt bad to come out of the car. I later on got down from the car and Adebayor said, ‘I will get you a new car-that is all’,” he revealed.