John Dumelo – Biography

John Dumelo is the latest screen idol to set hearts racing amongst the Ghanaian (and even Nigerian) female population. Following the frequent presence of caramel complexion brothers on Ghanaian movie screens, John was a breath of fresh air to emerge within the Ghanaian film industry. A tall, dark, and handsome man representing for all the chocolate coloured brothers, and causing the majority of female fans to fall for him, the bonus part of all this is his incredible acting credentials.

The only son and the youngest of three children, Mr Dumelo first received his big break as a seven-year-old at Christ the King International School in Accra. It was at this school the producers from the GAMA Film company visited in 1991 to find children who would be suitable for roles in their film ‘Baby Thief.’ John and his older sister were some of the lucky few to be selected, with John eventually securing one of the lead roles in the movie as Saka.

After attending Achimota School and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology for high school and university respectively, he appeared on several Ghanaian television programs including ‘Sun City’ and ‘About To Wed.’ However, his popularity reached a higher level when he made the transition from the small screen to the big screen.

Appearances in top highly-rated movies like ‘The Perfect Picture,’ ‘The King Is Mine,’ and ‘Chelsea’ have made Mr Dumelo hot property in the film industry- even Nollywood producers are clamouring over themselves to gain the opportunity to work with him.

Such popularity in the film industry has only served to make him an equally hot topic within the media- he has been romantically linked to various co-stars, yet has denied all of such allegations.

In spite of his popularity, John remains humble and modest: “You know some people can get carried away when fame and fortune knocks on their door, making them lose focus of who they are and where they are coming from. I want to work hard to avoid that.”

He is also heavily involved in charity work, having already donated GH 1000 cedis worth of goods to the children’s unit of Battor Catholic Hospital during New Year’s Eve 2009.

Along with his acting career, John manages a real estate company, and partners an IT firm. Not only is this guy a pretty face, but obviously a man of many talents also.


  1. Hi cutie,must commend ur efforts,u r a very good actor lyk daar!!!!,luv u so much 4rm d bottom of my hrt,y are u dis handsome?

  2. hi there,its gud to see n read ur profile…i must admit tht u have become my favourite acto n am going 4 ur movies….may God grant u more wisdom and charm to make u b a fav of many.

  3. am will 2 be lyk u and dyin 2.

  4. i like everything about you, and i will like to know u better or u can add me on fb my name on fb is Rugmostengbeh ok please.

  5. I hope you read this John. Just to let you know that you rock. I like the way you deliver messages especially this movie, The King Is Mine. Well done dear. From USA.

  6. hey watzup john i just want say hi to you i wish i can see you oneday !!!! from USA

  7. Hey jonney..!Wots up?Love watchn ur movies bcos of 1 thng..,nt evn ur gudlooks bt dea’s dis specific thng abt u dt attractd me..Check me out in fb.,ur gud n a frnd also..Cheers..!

  8. Helo john ur gud look may attract many but but I don’t admire u at all. just want to tell u to add more colours to ur actin.thank u

  9. Hi John whats up?

  10. vivian Ngone says:

    Hi John, nice meeting you at the Atlanta, Georgia airport today. My husband and l were very glad to a picture with you. You are our very talented actor. We are so proud of you. Call us when you come to ATL again.678-840-872. WE LOVE YOU.

  11. VIVIAN NGONE says:


  12. Abifade Presley says:

    Hello John,hw re u doing? I hope kool. I just want to appreciate u 4 making men proud of who we re. I love all ur movies especially TO LOVE A PRINCE,DEADLY SQUAD,MY FLAVOUR dey re too numerous 4 me to mention. My advice is dat remain focus in ur dreams and dnt let ur fame b ur ultimate concentration but how to impact ur generation wit ur acting.

  13. princess says:


  14. i hope you read this John. Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning — one that leads you toward becoming the fullest human being you can be.

  15. Hi john,you are more than too much and i like your movies.keep it up!

  16. oluwatosin says:

    i just saw d movie ‘To luv a prince’, it was really a bomb… Talk about ur delievery, it was classy, nice job done…. U re goin places.

  17. hi john just to let u know that i have watched most of ur movies and i must tell u r a talent and i hope to see u win grammy`s someday .all the best.

  18. john dumelo u re so cute and good looking guy, i luv ur movies keep it up.

  19. Hi, u are a genius in movies but sometimes can be too troublesome when ladies are concern. are u married?

  20. Onashile Omolola says:

    I LOVE U…

  21. Agbetuyi Omotayo says:

    John, i love u.

  22. aw do i start…..kk….. i’m jst 16, nd wen i thnk of my future, i wonda if dere wuld eva be an african man dat i wuld like enough 2 marry, bt u knw at, U and van vicker re very chummy guys

  23. charley,u be too much..keep it up…

  24. hi john, me and my sister are crazy about u, we saw u on the king is mine movie, wow! u r handsome, good work, keep it up

  25. Really u are amazing in wat u do. .i would love to see u with omotola ur acting wow even wow does
    not say it but all i can say thank GOd u came.

  26. Nwosu Edith Chinonso says:

    Just want 2 appreciate u and also ur work. Man i knw its nt easy but in everyting u do put God first. Tanks

  27. hi, u soo cute. pls call me on 0018622504407

  28. each time i see u in a movie i thank GOD for u.u always make my day each time i set my eye on u in a movie.i pray for a good looking man like you.keep it up.u are all i desire in a movie

  29. my sister and i was watching a movie today.PERFECT PICTURE.u comin from the stair case wen u kissed a lady called NAA ASHORKOR MENSAH DOKU,do u knw wat my sis says,she said ”waoooooo this guy is romantic”u have made my heart and that my heart can still love again.thanks for bringing sunshine to my life.

  30. Ruth kaifinoh says:

    John u know wat whenever i wach ur movies i keep falling 4u will u b my bros.Pls don’t say no

  31. hello john every body is jst commending yr handsomness yes u are realy a good looking guy bt i want to tel u dat u dont impress me in most of your movies e.g palace romance,men in luv,the snake boy n many others. this is bcos am afraid of watching your movies in d presence of children. dough u interprete yr roles very wel.jst watch yr films n see wot am saying .hv a nice n al d bst wishes to u thanks

  32. Hi mine Dumelo, i adore u more than i adore myself. Infact u’re d dream of evry livin woman. If God wil help me i marry a man as handsome as u are i wil b enjoyin my heaven while hear on earth

  33. i love you soo much. you are a very good actor with all the elements of acting and a good looking man.

  34. hi,john am a ugandan bt watch ur movies n love watching u act,am ur greatest fan n wd like 2 meet u n atleast chart with u,plz email me on my email.

  35. Lilian Bright says:

    I love you dear. Pls cal me 08038706341

  36. sweety pls call me on0248781982

  37. kwesi Appiah says:

    he is immoral….and like to go out with peoples girl,which they suffer before they got….he is using his famous or star to that advantage…..i like him personally….am his fun….but what he is on to do to my friend is not good….he knws what am saying…….boys are investing hard in thier grils…..he must be careful or else he can…………………hmmmmmmm,he must appreciate what he have as a star.

    • Antennas Prime says:

      I think Ghanaian girls have to stop throwing them selves at stars and stick their asses with their guys cos time changes

  38. hw r u am ugandan n i rilly lyk yo movies i wish u cud accept ma request on facebook n we b fnds pliz if u dont want mi 2 die thxs dear.,

  39. i jst lik ur movies bt dnt 4get God in anytin ur doing

  40. John u r d only actor who has driven me to g look in ur website,i love u,it started wen i watch d first movie i watchd of u,n more wen i watched blackmail,dat movie was great beyond words cuz dats wat i plan to b in future…i think u should marry jakkie appiah,u r sooooooooooo great

  41. halo hw r u pliz accept ma request my dear on facebk kant wait thxs tek care. n i liked yo movie da game n caged lovers.

  42. Am very happy with your roles in movies, may the Lord strenghten you. Am always happy whenever i see you participate in any movie, it gladens my heart. Keep it up.

  43. i am from Congo .I lke u film and ueyes u rly do a gd job.Bonne chance.

  44. Damali S.K Joseph says:

    man u re so handsome and simple.i luv ur dressing.go on 4de moon iz ur limit.shalom

  45. Ayomi Levite says:

    Hi john, let me tell u d truth, they were flattering u.

  46. Zotra Philip says:

    Pls Bro I wanted to be your personal driver.If you need me pls my line dis 0541015360

  47. Wow john,i jus watched ur movie End of mirror of life,ur da bst n i luv u n yo movies so much.Truth b told,am vry disappointed u r going to marry someone else,i thot we cud av a lil something….ur so cute.Am kenyan n i luv u n evrything bout u.If u ever read this, pls cal me on +254728853620.

  48. Hy big fellow….yu juz great menn….much luv

  49. Ohhh God!!!! I love so much…..cant even wait to let my eyes on you….you just great, i keep watching your movies almost everyday….. <3 <3

  50. lilian jones says:

    hi john. I love watchin ur movies. I like evrytin about u. Jus wnt 2 wish u a merry xmas and a prosperous new yr.

  51. hi my big bro how is life
    i hope everything is cool, i just want tell you that , you are so looking handsome guy and i really love your films and show.i pray that one day i will be like you in future AMEN…….because i,m a student of AKIM STATE COLLEGE at AKIM- ODA in the Eastern region. and i offer general art in school and this is one of the elective subject i do in school by the way i,m in form three and getting to foerm four…… the way you are a funny guy …..on Becca show ……….my greetings to everybody , your movie industry people..

  52. sorry the elective is Literature

  53. Ngwana Belvis says:

    hi John i must admit am a crazy fan of u… pls jst pay a visit to Cameroon. Keep up the good work

  54. Pulane frm South Africa says:

    Hi John, hope u read this mssg 1 day. Watching u on any of ur movies makes me complete. U 1 great lukin guy, very outstanding in everyway, wish 2 meet u in person 1day

  55. john dumelo u look gud n nice but pls, don’t be carry away by girls. Rather be selective to girls. You aer ok

  56. Idowu Cynthia says:

    Hello John. Am really happy writing to u though i hardly believe if u even have time to read messages frm fans bt all d same i apprieciate u fr nt jst bcos of ur acting bt fr d john in u. Keep it up! I see u as a honest and gentle person. Thanks

  57. Luv u john keep ur flag flyn.

  58. Eunice United says:

    J.D, i will say God has Blessed you already, May he continue to Bless you, well DONE in you ACTING CAREER, but don’t let it take over you to throwing away your DIGNITY as A MAN……………………………………. Once again well DONE…….. Love ya,…. Cheers………………………………., Am UNITED by name.

  59. J I luv u so much….dis ma num…+23794786939….Well if wishes could come true den I aould wish for you every min of ma life
    Luv u

  60. pls can u be my friend. i love ur high i love ur acting. can u call someone like me. 08096083110

  61. Engineers are trained to be versatile in every sphere of life……..u gat not only engineering skills but proven to the world that u can really perform in every office.keep the good works up.

  62. Ruth Gaiya says:

    Hahahaha u truely have fans. A true talk, jst 1 tin makes me like u and dats ur efford 2wards charity, keep it up and watch ur back with all dis fans u’v got.

  63. All de ladys here talk’s abt ur Gud qualities,but am here to thank ur parent 4 bringin u 2 see the light of the world, N u need 2 make them proud of u.dnt be carried away by de think of the word,thank u N 1luv

  64. Hi,john…can i get ur BB pin plsssssssssss.tnks

  65. Eddie Blaze says:

    Guyz r handsome but yours is extra-ordinary, tall, black n handsome, i love everything about you, especially ur speeches n d way u smile at those little gurlz like Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson n other actress

  66. Mr. Dumelo is a raising star :)

  67. I rily wish 2 meet u john

  68. Antennas Prime says:

    JOHN, Am a 23 year old guy, and a fun I want to be an actor but does not have any idea how the beginning is going to be like, i need you to brief me about it. I really have been chasing this dream since I was 5yrs and I must have a dream come true. +233 265 407 098. you can call me if the need arise. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. JOHN ANTENNAS

  69. Hi John, you’re my best actor ur’ best film 2 me is “the king is mine” i like ur’ literature speaking prowess. Don’t let women spoil ur’ God-gifted talent pls. I need more of ur’ films, U ARE D BEST…

  70. Rev James Kwasi Addo says:

    I just GIVE praise to the Lord for your life.I believe that God loves this lovin country of ours by giving you as a gift to us.May God grant you long life in good health n also grant you the grace to knowing Him the more.I personally like and admire you.God bless you ma brother.

  71. J D alway love watchn ur film especialy To love a prince u acted perfectly luk 4ward 2 hear ur voice 08139496685 prince of MAZULA

  72. crown wealth says:

    How was ur 9t

  73. vivian ike says:

    hi john i realy recomend on u so much, i luv d way u talk ur way of acting evry fin about u tells me of ma man u luk alike in evry axpect, so each time i watch ur movie if is not close to me i always cal him on phone. U are ma best amoung all keep on bobling.

  74. smartass!!! says:

    Well he’s a good actor no doubt speaks pretty decent pidgin too! lol! But why in the world would you drop a mobile number expecting a call *notreallysmart*

  75. georges jnr says:

    I am a fan to every had working guy. Well i think i gonna like u
    even more since u quiet a smart guy

  76. hello guy,dumelo and i have come a long way now secretly,and will be announcx our egagement soon.i want to thank every body for appreciatx my man.may God bless you all.i love you all as well.if you want to know me more,here is my email adress am not a Ghanian by nationality.but i am an African.

  77. men……………u luk so cute, i lyk ur movies n enjoy them so much.
    i hv funny much wen i watch them jst using this great medium to say u ar highly 1dalful n may the Lord God who has given u such beautiful n 1dalful talent bless n prosper u n ur Family members………..CHEERS.

  78. Handsome guy. but pls mind the kind of roles you play in moves cos it hurts ur decent fans. I wish u well….

  79. U re rilly an actor. Men!! U dey try abeg 5hand shake 4u.

  80. Debbie Akins Pheyi says:

    Hi, big broda, i love everything about u, u ar SO cute, intelligent, upright, challenging, u inspire me a lot, i wish i av d opportunity u have, i love acting, singing and dancing. U ar my best actor. i LOVE ur movies a lot especially TO LOVE A PRINCE. WELL DONE

  81. Debbie Akins Pheyi says:

    Hi, big broda, i love everything about u, u ar SO cute, intelligent, upright, challenging, u inspire me a lot, i wish i av d opportunity u have, i love acting, singing and dancing. U ar my best actor. i LOVE ur movies a lot especially TO LOVE A PRINCE. WELL DONE

  82. Debbie Akins Pheyi says:

    Hi, big broda, i love everything about u, u ar SO cute, intelligent, upright, challenging, u inspire me a lot, i wish i av d opportunity u have, i love acting, singing and dancing. U ar my best actor. i LOVE ur movies a lot especially TO LOVE A PRINCE. WELL DONE

  83. Debbie Akins Pheyi says:

    Hello Big Broda, i love everyfin abt U, U ar so cute, intelligent, upright, challenging.

    U ar my best actor in whom i look up to,i wish i av an opportunity u av, i love acting, dancing and singing. I love ur movies especially TO LOVE A PRINCE. WELL DONE

  84. i love u dumelo. i am roseella inni dumelo ayew dabiels. . muaaaaah

  85. Hi John, u are my favourite Ghanaian actor nd have watched almost all ur movies. Have always wished to meet u anytime u come to London. But I will really appreciate if u can call me on my number +447831729424. Looking forward to hear from you. Cheers!

  86. men u’re really improving the ghanaian movie industry more strength to ur elbows

  87. Etornam Issabella says:

    I think you are an answered prayer to Ghanaian movie makers and watchers. With you,movie has been redefined in Ghana and accros the continet. God keep taking you from grace to grace……Amen!

  88. Joshua Akwa says:

    My humble advice to a world icon goes thus; ignore fame and embrace focus. The road is so busy, don’t be distracted. Relent not till you get there remembering to take as many people as possible with you. N-B: you are only a branch that depends on the tree for survival. Recognise that you can only do anything through Christ that strengthens you. I keep praying for you.

  89. Akinbode Deborah Pheyi says:


  90. funmilayo lizzy says:

    hi john am dying dis is my letter 4 u .i wish to be wit u

  91. Mackelvin ENWO says:

    john I rily want 2 meet u you are my roll model

  92. Hey Mr Dumelo, Sincerely, I’ve always had a lot of things on my mind when it has 2do wit you but reading all these postes, I beg to hold my peace. But seriously, I’d like u to knw that there’s a lot we could talk about $ learn 4rm eachoda too. Its nothin rily so u might choose to call me or text ur BBM pin to me. Pls, don’t turn me down, tnx a bunch! +2348068924388

  93. Sataruis Morris says:

    Hi Mr. Dumelo i just thank God for your life. i want you to know that ,you are my best male actor in the whole movies industry. I pray to God that he will give you long life to achive goal.

  94. john u my numba one fan

  95. I rili lyk d way u performs on stage n i pray to God to give u more talent.frm fatimah +2347066792951

  96. Hi john.indeed u re nt just a special gift to ur parent but also to d entire universe.plz kip up d gud work nd i pray GOD wil continue to strenghten u nd grand u long life to finished wat HE sent u to portrate on Earth.STAY FOCUS.

  97. Hi john.indeed u re nt just a special gift to ur parent but also to d entire universe.plz kip up d gud work nd i pray GOD wil continue to strenghten u nd grand u long life to finished wat HE sent u to portrate on Earth.STAY FOCUS.(habiba from Nigeria)

  98. i really luk ur profile n i guess dats a gud tin to hear. but plsssss take it easy n i pray dat e gud Lord will help u overcome any obstacles u find on e the road to success. god bless u

  99. Sataruis Morris says:

    Are u not making new movie.

  100. U my man,God u’re a good actor nd wil like 2 b ur friend my fb name janet agbo thanks

  101. Hi john

  102. U are a gud actor how can u help me 2 achieve ma dream of becumin an actress.

  103. Nimat deen says:

    Be my hubby

  104. Hi John,I’m really short of words.just call me.2348063784028.let me jet hear ur voice.tnx

  105. dumelo kudos u r hot man i lv the way u act

  106. I lyk da roles u perform

  107. Love your movies, you such an inspiration to lots of people. “Always say yes i can”. May God keeps guiding you.

  108. dumelo you are too much

  109. Hi dumelo, i really admire d way u interprete ur script, i really love to b lyk u.pls here s my number 07066792951 i wil b very happy if u call cos i really want to get to the movie industry. Pls do call me. Fatimah

  110. Go well,Act well and Do well

  111. Patience B. Boadu says:

    Hi handsome words cannot describe de natural ability u hav 2 act.thumbs up n al de best in al ur endeavour.

  112. AMATULLAH says:


  113. AMATULLAH says:

    I JOIN

  114. The possible and the impossible lies in a person’s determination pls b ur self and alwys put God first so u dont c any impossible tin

  115. The possible and the impossible lies in a person’s determination pls b ur self and alwys put God first so u dont c any impossible tin pls be wise

  116. This guy, Geneve and the guy who acts as Mr Ibu are the three best actors i have seen thus far in nigerian films. I hope one day soon, his superb talent will take him to hollywood just like Genevee’s has. I am a caucasian american who enjoys watching his films. A dumelo fan living in atlanta

  117. ITS like u ve a lot of toasters ll u know d actual love?ma dear i inboxed u am so sorry u can forget about it.i dont tink ma sista ll like it.she is very reserved.BY d way i love ur movies n ur good.keep it up dear

  118. Thank God for God cos if nt for him u wont be u.i.eJ.dumelo.What i knw is dt u av a grt future ahead ofd ahead of u.The sky iz ur starting point,keep moving press on nd u ll surely get there.ILove the comments ur fans wrote,d shows dt we appreciate u bt do not relax bt rather forge ahead nd I knw God ll help you.U cant bt av challenges,be focused,determined nd drm big.Those dt will exploit d world must b focused and strong.Therez a fact dt we both cannot dispute:U CANT DO ANYTHING OUTSIDE GOD.Hold him close to u nd he ll stand for u nd by u.4rm ondostate,Nigeria.

  119. hi john,love looking at your movies,ur awesome….keep up the good work,,,,,luv luv u



  121. Hhahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha

  122. Hi Johnny baby, hw ave u being? I’m from Jamaica. I must commend u on ur good acting. Ur movies only paint one picture in my mind, that u r quiet, simple nd easy going. Deffinately my type of guy. Love ur movies though especially Romantic Touch, Sustain my love nd a lot more can’t remember the names rite now. But u nd Mercy act gr8 2gether. If possible pls giv me a call 18764484484, bye.


  124. Hurrah! At last I got a blog from where I know how to in fact get useful information regarding my study and knowledge.

  125. i will oneday be the Dumelo in African. Mark my words.

  126. Hi john, hw r u, indeed u are a great star. I love the way u act, am proud of u thanks.

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