Justin Bieber wanted to marry Selena Gomez, she’s blocking his calls

A whole host of different reports are flooding the airwaves and the internet about the break-up of teen heart-throbs Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Firstly, BlindGossip have said that Biebz proposed to Gomez a number of times before the split, but that she said ‘no’ every time.

According to the site the relationship and the proposals both began as a PR ruse, but that Justin really did want to make it permanent.

They also said that the break-up’s announcement was carefully organised, apparently “both PR teams agreed on a “cause” and agreed to release the announcement on a Friday afternoon, when it would garner the least amount of attention.”

It’s a fairly dubious source, so don’t necessarily believe this, although plenty of other sites have picked up on the gossip as well.

A second story to come out this week is that Gomez is blocking all contact from Bieber, as reported by TMZ.

No calls, no texts, although she is still following him on Twitter. The site also said that they can confirm that the breakup did involve ‘another woman’, implying that Justin cheated on Selena, and there have been rumours circulating all week about Biebz’s romance with a hot young model named Barbara Palvin, which she’s denied.

We’re not the ones to speculate, we simply hope the two young stars are coping with the breakup and the inevitable tragedy that the breakdown of young love brings.


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