Like Jesus, I came to fulfil and not subtract | Obibini



Daily Graphic took on Obibini this week with an awesome interview you should not miss. Where he spoke about his career, inspirations/aspirations, upcoming projects, lyrical content and many more. He talks about 2016 being a game changer, a promise to fans he believes they should look out for.

Below is a response to one of the questions:

What does 2016 hold for you?

Obibini: 2016 is the year I become a household name, not only in Africa, but the rest of the world. My fans would be the happiest, because they’d know they haven’t supported in vain. I’ll honour them with plaques, Insha Allah (laughs). I also look forward to collaborating with the artistes that I respect and letting them have a taste of my venomous ‘spit’. It’s all love. Like Jesus, I came to fulfil and not subtract.


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By Owusu Domedi