My Husband Is My Love Therapist – Omotola

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has been speaking about her hubby and Nollywood media say she does that with some air of happiness.

“If I had not married him, I would not have married anyone else,” was a comment she reportedly made about her husband before the weekend. said their union was16 years and was one of the few marriages in Nollywood that were scandal free.

“It would have been extremely painful if my husband takes things to heart, then it would have been a roller coaster ride for me and then I have to go through the problem again and again. God has been great you know.

The guy no get wahala,” quoted her about how her hubby took rumours about in the news.

As a veteran in the marriage business, ‘Omosexy’, as the actress is fondly called, revealed that the love was not instantaneous.

“I always tell people that when I met him, I was not in love with him but he says for him it was love at first sight so I had to grow to love him. I was attracted to him because of his maturity.

I saw the ability for him to see me. I mean, he knows me more than I know myself.

It is just weird; I can’t explain. You just can’t get it. But he feels my pain, it is easy for him.”

When their paths first crossed, a young Omotola had just lost her father; hence the emotional trauma she was experiencing at that time was overwhelming.

Then her husband showed up with a ray of hope and then she fell for his charming nature.

“In those days I was young so there were ways I particularly handle things that were immature so I would snap very fast because I was short-tempered.

So many people will think I was very difficult, even my mother.

But he would tell her to leave me alone. Even then, my mother will say ‘you will not marry, there is no one that will marry you’,” she said with a smile.

Describing her husband as her love ‘therapist’, Ekeinde attributed her spiritual growth to her husband.

“I have even gone closer to Christ because of his exemplary behavior and the way he handles things.

With the maturity I find in him, I can admire that and then emulate him.

That is the connection and the way I have been able to live with him.”

Asked if she considered herself a doting mother to her four children, the actress let out a gale of laughter, saying, “In my own mind, yes. In fact, my kids think I am their situation too much.

So I am thinking that if I was around, they would have run away from the house. I feel I am a very hands-on mum.

In fact I just got back from Ghana and they were telling me that I am always on the phone with them.

Even though my husband is always around, I know what they are doing every minute.

I think I am a bit too strict with them maybe because I am taking after my mother. She was a disciplinarian to the core.”