Nadia Buari – Biography

Claim to FameA former child model, Nadia made her onscreen debut in the hit movie ‘Mummies Daughter’ where she played a supporting role alongside Jackie Appiah and Van Vicker.


Her striking features combined with her proportioned body makes her a standout. She obviously has her hands full dealing with admirers, no surprises here.


Nadia Buari was born in 1980, in Takoradie, Ghana, to Alhaji Sidiku Buari, a musician and producer, and Hajia Buari, a beautician.  Throughout her elementary school education, Buari was an active member of her school’s drama, and dance club. Following high school, Buari enrolled in the University of Ghana, Legon, where she majored in Fine Art graduating with a BFA degree

in Fine Art. Buari made her big screen debut in “Mummy’s Daughter,” however it was her role as Beyonce in the hit Ghanaian flick “Beyonce: the President Daughter” that propelled her into the limelight; and the rest as they say is history. Buari has starred in over 20 movies so far- and still counting.  Buari hopes to produce and direct movies in the near future.


“Guys love me more…,”- Nadia Buari

“A lot of people have their own perceptions about me, like I’m very stuck up, so full of myself, you know. But it’s not true…,”- Nadia Buari

“Yes I am very spiritual cos I believe that in everything I do, I have to put God first,”- Nadia Buari

“I love to watch my movies. You have no idea…I would watch my movies like over a hundred times…,”- Nadia Buari


Mummy’s Daughter

Beyonce – The President daughter

Darkness of Sorrow

The Return of Beyoncé

A Woman’s Honor

In the Eyes of my Husband

American Boy

Dangerous Mission

Beauty and the Beast

Ka wonan toso

The Play Boy

Blood fight

Beyonce and Rihanna

Love is wicked

Gambling with marriage

Agony of the Christ



  • my heart goes on when ever i see great and beautiful creatures like you

  • Love her. Seen all of her movies so far.

  • Edgarson

    Well no matter what they say i still find you quite interesting and even more beautiful and i like when u smile so always keep a smiling face all i can keep saying is your beautiful .

  • Edgarson

    i think God took time in creating you you know i hope you find or you’ve found a loving and caring husband who will respect you.

  • Nadia Buari is a beautiful actress and i admire her so much

  • I think wat they said about is true,u are always full of ur self.sorry about that but am just being honest,and talking of sexy, u are not as sexy as mercy johnson.

    • Blanco jnr

      @Sandra, i bet u ar a nigerian jealous and ugly why comparing her with someone else not you.@ Nadia i believe u are just a star nd no matter what they say or do,i will always adore ur beauty not just bcos u are whitish but d real beauty in ur acting ,keep it up gal!

  • Ampadu Marfo

    u are the most sexiest actress in the world.i hope to have a partner just lyk u.

  • Cindy Khumalo

    u great gal….may god grant u many years so dat u can fullfil ur dreams…i like ur movies lyk craz

  • Kale

    Nadia pls dnt mind wat people say jst be urself,do wat u no is gud,u re d best.

  • nadia got my whole attention…damn!!….im tormented because she always creep on my head…u know if im going to ghana you are the first person im just gonna wish to meet up with….i never saw the beautiful girl like you in south africa…damn!!

  • marayah olarenwaju

    hy gal,u are stil d best 2 me,no matter wat they think of u. Always be urself n don’t pretend 2 be some1 else,if they lyk dey should say u are proud,dat 1 na dere business,if e easy 2 be screen goddess make them go try be 1. I luv all ur roles dat u’ve be doing,keep on ur gud work.bye

  • oginni mary

    u’re a damsel,a role model.u’re very beautiful which everybody knws.just keep on with ur good work.luuuuuv u so much.

  • silva

    nadia u are an angel dat fount in earth.u are a paragon of beauty.l wish we could be friends.luv uuuuuuuuu

  • sirri ntseh

    i like u so much…..i bet u dont watch ur movies over a hundred times like i do!!!!!!!!am a fan in cameroon

  • Folorunshola Daniel

    Nadia, i de gbadu ur films any time i de watch am 4 my ogba.1 of ur greate fan from Edo state in Nigeria.I LUV U….JOOOOOOO

    • Hmmm….. Nadia i think ur among the best, be yourself and do what is good…. Pray u find a better husband for yourself….. Love u…..

  • margie

    thats how we human beings we are jealous of the other bt dnt mind kip moving infact the more they talk bad about you als take another step ahead & they will always be tail. you are an angel in earth i lyk you babie. fan frm Kenya.

    • Blanco jnr

      i agree with you sis

  • nadia i love like i have known you for years mean while it only on tv.i will be very happy to see you face to of yourself and do not mind what others think or say about you.i hope you grant my wish to see you although i am a nobody

  • i admire nadia so much, thumbs up gurl god be with u

  • metu

    not an african movie fan, but happen 2 watch your movie Chelsea and i am impress with your acting. Was wodering from which country you are, so i had to google. Nice job. Happy b-day and keep it up.

  • Philip S. O. Eredeyi

    NAB, Your surname sounds like part of Abuja in Nigeria, but it doesn’t affect your personality, cus you’re beautiful and outstanding. Speaking about being full of urself, well i don’t really know about that cus i’ve not met you face to face, but all i know is that you are a diva.

  • U re just a bitch nadia

    • Alisha Bree

      Who are u to say that NAB is a bitch think abt ur self too

  • Laurel Emily Okoth

    hi am 11yrs going to 12 on 11th june. U no dat uv always inspired me in all ur movies+ignore amaechi sandra u are far much ahead than mercy johnson. Actually am a kenyan. Hopin’ dat you’ll visit kenya 1 day i’ll gladly come to see u. By the way i have a 2 yr old cuzin called Nadia

  • Levi Okine

    Nadia Nadia !!!This girl i have been dreaming about her all my lifetime. Nadia i am your greatest fan.Kisses

  • Nadia, U r most absolutely talented.. Would definately want to work with you 1 day..

  • Oh ya! U should consider cumin to Namibia, u got a lot of fans here..

  • Alhassan B Alhassan

    Hello!my best actress,nd best luvly among the nolywood actors,ur film was admire me when i am watching it,but when i find ur biography,i saw u completly muslims Nadia buhari i am very sadly,4 seen how u’re progess ur acting as per as u’re muslims

  • She is one of the most beautiful creature i have ever seen and i love all her movie

    You are beautiful and i love you as a person and a movie star

  • Babe men u too much

  • Babe meeeen u are fully endound, i luv every tin about u. I just want u to keep it on

  • William Wapi

    Nadia, you’re pretty NO doubt about that. I mean I love you and all…but I think you and Van Vicker need to step up your game a little bit, have you seen Majid’s acting? The guy can take up any role given to him while you and Van can only do those obvious roles.

  • Makoda

    I love nadia so much

  • Priscilla

    Hi nadia, How are you? i love watching you in a movie what a talent God has gave you.Am in all the way in The Netherlands i cannot watch a Ghanaian movie without you acting in the film keep it up and may God bless u.Greetings Pris

  • emerald anita royal

    GOSH! i luv u so much lke ma own sis nt becuz of ur fame bt becuz ure always urself.i hpe to meet u oneday.

  • Charity

    I luv u so much nadia, u act so real n i luv d way u speak. I think u r humble n i jst wish u r a nigerian.keep up d gud works. Looooovvvvveeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  • vivian

    Nadia u the best among female actresses in GH n I’m also happy with your re-union Essien,I wish u guys get married soon. Love you.

  • Bijoux

    I love you Nadia & you got the cutest smlie ever you should really come to Richmond Va 🙂

  • Ismail musa zango

    You are really beautiful and i like your style. But your spritual being is far above every thing you would gain in the film industry therefor try to be a little bit more religious when performing some roles.

  • sadik

    nadia is a sweet lady with a nice smiling face… it nice 2 say nadia. I’m sadik. i admited to American University of Kuwait. i will be Graduating on petrol chemical engineering.. after my graduation i will be processing to be a Musician Band… pls do me a favor by contacting me with this email or no..Email; .. NO+ 96555742083 it s nice to cloose u as a friends..


    NADIA I am guy from Namibia,I also must admit like other guys that ur beauty nd smartness are killing us, I mean i am even IN LOVE GIRL.Pity that u belong to someone allready.

  • Nadia buari is a lovable gal wich i luv so much.she is bright as the morning stars,i luv u so much nd wud luv 2 c u.i luv uuuuuuu

  • hayat eisa

    Hi nadia I’m ur full supporter I like ur movies

  • ilm always meaningful keep it up.

    Always avoid side talt 4rm people when ur aspiring 2 acquire dat desire which u admire, i love u, ur film always meaningful keep it up.

  • nadia you re d must beautiful actress

  • hi how are u like u today i see u on my computer and i know are a nice gay and i know are nice person through your movie and your appraciate on the film i like i wish u good luck

  • naida i think that you are very pretty and i like when you act i really like van vicker and jackie appiah

  • private

    u are saucy so iys hard for u to see a man who will cope wit u cuz u are not tolerant.

  • Joshua Asoso

    Nadia is very talented, beautiful with facinating carriage. She is one of the bests in Africa.

  • i realli love to see her all day and if possible i would like to marry her ddaughter

  • Nadia buari’s husband

    Nadia buari compel me to have a dating with her bt up to date I refuse as I already hate the way that she treat her self! The reason why Is she often let her personality to the dulls one So while I am nt such a person that need to share a baby with sm1, that’s why I become far away frm her

  • John nadia

    Nadia buari compel me to have a dating with her bt up to date I refuse as I already hate the way that she treat her self! The reason why Is that, she often let her personality to the dulls ones So while I am nt such a person that need to share a baby with sm1, that’s why I become far away frm her

  • lilfaye

    yes, as nd as I look in 2 her face she’s like a goat……. Hahahahaha +249926593872

  • lilfaye

    hey are u crazy……… Fool self important

  • sani

    I like u so much u r d best in fact nobdy will not goin to like u but I u more than anybdy includin ur mom. One advice I want to give u is pls go back to islamic school, b’cox u didn’t look like muslim girl.. Sorry if its hurt but I really care <3