New Comedian Kid-Ajeezay Pops Up

448873383_933400Comedy in Ghana is fast becoming a venture worth being part of. The system itself is fast adapting to the people and the people in return love the whole scenario of comedy playing a huge role in the country.

Ghana has produced comedians from the likes of Funny Face, David Oscar, Hogan, DKB, Foster aka Romanus, David Aglah, Khemikal, James Brown, amongst others. This means that the country is moving forward when comedy is mentioned. These aforementioned names have used their abilities to create a platform to crack people’s ribs and make some small money for themselves.

Just joining the train is the new wonder kid-Ajeezay. He was part of the TV show ‘Born Stars’, but he did not pass the audition stage (no pun intended).

That aside, he is humorous; he is another definition to the word-‘funny’. His choice of lines comes virtually with a responsibility to change the face of how comedy should be, that’s adventurous, bold, daring and democratically spicing.

Ajeezay is a standup comedian, a great entertainer whose talent cuts across. Not just is he a comedian, he churns out comical songs to add in the rib cracking process. CLICK here

His songs are unadulterated and equally carrying the warning tag of, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed, please, fasten your diaphragm before entering.”

With Ajeezay, no issue is too serious or unserious to be spilled. Ghana can be proud because one thing is sure, no matter how serious or tragic any issue is, you will still be able to have a take-home pack with some laughs and, of course, food for thought. You can also like him on