Nollywood UK Actress Fatima Jabbe Gears Up To Fight Domestic Violence

240x_mg_battered_picsNollywood UK Actress Fatima Jabbe, also Lead actress and producer in the Newly acclaimed Film of 2013 BATTERED, is heading to Africa to start her campaign against domestic violence on women in Africa. Her first port of call will be Sierra Leone where she will spend her Easter talking to media houses, victims of Domestic violence and government officials.

She expresses her heart desire in helping bring awareness to this topic that no one wants to talk about. Victims are too ashamed to talk about it and Law makers are reluctant to see this degrading act legislated against.

I believe i have a mission to play my part in this serious issue. Sometimes God gives you the platform to grow but when you do, you should use it in a positive way towards helping others.

My intention is to be able to go to Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and the Gambia. I have been blessed to have so much love and support from my people in the Gambia especially my president H.E. Yahya Jammeh who believes women have the right to be happy and live happily, whilst given the right to contribute towards the development of the Nation, I am hoping i can get the same amount of support from other countries affected by this act of violence.

As one of Africa’s Best Actresses, i believe with the right support we can get people to understand that domestic violence is not the way forward in solving matters, but only results in psychological and mental torture. We should learn to love, support and respect each other. A home with domestic violence results in lack of trust, a broken home and broken hearts. I hope i will be able to reach as many victims and abusers as possible just to make them understand they can change and stop this selfish act. I hope by making this movie ‘BATTERED’, it highlights how important it is for victims not to keep quiet, but rather seek help and try to make government officials and law makers to act on this issue. Once everyone knows that domestic violence is punishable by Law, the journey to eradicate this violent act should be heading towards the right direction.

I wrote BATTERED as a campaign tool. Violence against women is an obstacle to the achievement of equality, development and peace. I believe it is time for us to work together and find a solution to it because many women have been raped, beaten up and even killed through violence and together, we need to Stop it!

I am very grateful to be able to work with some of the best people in the Nollywood film industry today and thank them for coming on board to help tackle this serious issue.

Renowned actors like the legendary and versatile Lanre Balogun who doubled as the co – director, other cast members in support were Super Eagle’s and Montpellier Football star John Utaka, Yvonne Hays, Theodora Ibekwe, Collins Archie Pearce, Atto Erick, Marie Gomez, Olivia , Otto Linder, Nana Churcher of the Nana Churcher Show, khadija Mendoza, DJ Ozzy, Jay One, Ika, Tim Uche and Madam Happiness.

Crew include Professional make-up artist Libeks, the visionary cinematographer Nelson Spyk, and co-director of the film, the young and dynamic ALABA Festus.

Battered is not just a film it is a mission to help change things around women in Africa.

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