Rihanna and Chris Brown break up for good?

36728091_300121Hollywood’s most infamous on-again, off-again music couple has allegedly ended their tumultuous relationship.

According to reports Rihanna has had enough of “chasing” Breezy around trying to turn their status from complicated to something more substantial. But it looks like Rihanna won’t but updating her Facebook status anytime soon!

Sources have said that Rihanna claims she will always love Brown but she’s at the point in her life where she needs to move on and “focus on her career and business ventures”.

Rihanna makes it sound pretty convincing seeing that she declined to attend her man’s court date hearing on Friday, April 5.

Brown showed up with only one woman standing by his side … his mom. After beating Rihanna in 2009 Brown has been forced to participate in community service but the only thing Breezy will be picking up now are the pieces to his broken heart! So much for the summer wedding we were all looking forward to.

According to reports there is no other man in RiRi’s life that caused the two to break up. TMZ received information from a source that claimed it’s not out of the ordinary for the couple to publicly end their relationship and get back together shortly after.

Do you think Breezy will go back to his old ways and resort to his old flame for comfort? When Brown and Rihanna were broken up the aspiring model Tran was there to let the 23-year-old “Run It” singer lean on her.

“She was my friend through it all,” Brown continued. “She was there to fill and really take care of me.”

Brown explained that Tran stood by him during the lowest point of his life but when he and Rihanna decided to get back together, Breezy didn’t hesitate to break up with her.

“It was a friendship more than a relationship,” Brown said. “She’ll always be my homie. I just broke it to her ‘I’m still in love with this person. I love you but it’s just hard for me’. I just had to be honest.”

Although Brown admitted to dating two girls at once, which we assume he’s referring to Tran and Rihanna, the singer insists that he has changed. But Rihanna could care less if Breezy cheats on her again.

Rihanna And Chris Brown Break Up, Back Together: Was Breezy Keeping Secrets From RiRi? ‘Nobody’s Business’ Singer Dates Two Girls At Once!

“She’s not tripping on [Karrueche] like that no more. It’s cool,” a source said about RiRi. “Her thinking is that if he f*cks up and slips, that’s on his conscience.”