Trigmatic Caps Three (3) Nominations In The Upcoming VGMAS

240x_mg_q74xob0nni_trigSong writer of the year, Record of the year and Collaboration of the year are the three nominations the rapper would be adding to his ever impressive league of nominations since his major breakthrough in 2009.

For every year since his stunning breakthrough in 2009, the rapper/C.E.O has scored at least 3 nominations every single year, clearly proving his consistency and his claim to being one of the finest talents on the continent.

Undeniably Trigmatic is one of the finest and multi-talent chaps on the continent. With an unnerving approach to songs, a rare ability to sing, rap, write and compose so masterfully, Trigmatic comes in a rare package, one that must be heralded and given the needed recognition.

These nominations add to a total of 25 award nominations in 3 years, with 2 albums, having capped the prestigious Rapper of the Year award in 2011.

His recent “Trigmatic Unplugged Live Concert” stunned the industry. From all indications it looks like the rapper/singer has rediscovered his true essence not just as an artist but as a performer and might just be on the way to being Ghana’s premier live performer.