Unity is strength – Obrafour

Ghana’s finest and outstanding hiplife music star, Michael Elliot Okyere Darko, known in the showbiz as Obrafuor has stated that we should not discriminate as a nation. According to him, loving one another will lead to effective nation building. On Amansan Television’s entertainment program Nwom Bisa Mmere on Saturday, 21st November, the rapper cum singer said God in his own wisdom created people and allocated us all in different tribes and areas.

“God in his own wisdom allocated us in different places with different tribes. We should develop love for ourselves no matter where the person is coming from.”

He said we should be truthful to ourselves and also develop the spirit of hard work as a nation and that will bring us good fortunes.

“One thing I believe is the spirit of hard work and truthfulness. If Ghana will be a lovely place for us all, we should be truthful to ourselves and also work hard. I think these two will help us get a conducive atmosphere for current and future generations.”

Speaking on his hit, “Nkontompo”, the unstoppable rapper and singer said it is a clear replica of what we are observing today in our lives.

Source: seancitygh.com