Women caused Ofori Amponsah to returned to hi-life

One gospel musician, Maame Felicia is currently one of such people to have bashed Ofori.

Speaking on ‘Yese Yesee’, a hot gossip discussion show on Care Tv, she mentioned that, Ofori’s return to Hi-Life Music is because of the women.

She posited that, Ofori knew wouldn’t be able to dance with the women and get to fondle them in his Gospel Music, and for someone who has a history of having lots of women around him, he couldn’t forget about the pleasures he had from his past life.

She further stretched that, Ofori Amponsah’s last music video he made before leaving HiLife to become an Evangelist was evident to her claim.

Now, incase you didn’t know, that video was never played on Tv and even never made it online, because Ofori begged producers not to release it, but now, we can look at the last video Ofori made before he changed his mind to go church ministry.