Delectable actress Yinka Olukunga,also known as Nnenna ,rose to stardom through Wale Adenuga Production.

A lot has been written and said about her alleged romance with Atewo of Skuki.

In a recent interview,she revealed the truth about her relationship with Atewo of Skuki.

He is my friend.The truth is at this point in my life,there is no need to tell a lie.Yes,we were in a relationship for over two years,almost three years.

Like every other normal relationship,like every other normal girl that has issues in her relationship,we had to break up.But we are still friends,no more in a relationship.

Asked,so why did you part ways;she said Normal complication.It is just like a normal girl out there that discovered her relationship was not working out probably because they are not compatible or any other thing.

I can’t lie that we were not in a relationship.No,we were together,our parents actually knew each other.It wasn’t just an entertainment thing,maybe it happened because God has a different plan for us.