GM1623 Legon To Hold ‘Easter Not Alone Project’

240x_mg_legongirls300x200After successfully re-defining club attitude with the first ever Red carpet Ghanaian night, which relived the Ghanaian culture in a proper Red carpet treatment style, Gm1623 University of Ghana Legon ladies are back this Easter with a new project called ‘Easter Not Alone project’.

The ‘Easter not alone project’ is a donation campaign that seeks to put smiles on the faces of women who will be caught up on the sick bed this Easter, on 1 st of April 2013. The donations will be made at 2 hospitals in the capital.

According to the President of Gm1623 Legon – Assumpta Adom Dickens, she disclosed that the project is student driven.

‘We hope to encourage our fellow students on campus to donate as little as they can to support a worthy project. Donations collected on campus will be used to buy items that can put a long lasting Easter smile on the face of a woman caught on a hospital bed.

She also added that the idea came as a result of feeling for our fellow women. Easter is all about feast and love. Which other way can Gm1623 ladies based in the university of Ghana share their love if not to see a smile on a face of a sick fellow woman.

The ‘Easter Not alone project’ is under the eagle eye supervision of Signup International, an events, new media and advertising company based in Accra Ghana.

Ghanaian Chronicle