We will be proud to have the VGMA|Deexit



Rain Africa|Strong Blood|Kush Man

 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Ghanaian-Nigerian music group, Deexit is only looking forward to Vodafone Ghana Music Awards as a backbone. Although many do not even acknowledge VGMA. In their own words “We are the only Ghanaian/Nigerian music group so far, our song is will get thru the market easily”.

The have Ngozi and Alhaji Oga to their credit. You will bare witness the two songs are still popular.

“We will be proud to have the VGMA board members put us in their nomination list this year, since its the biggest nationwide award scheme for musicians, our number one target as musicians is that.”

they said.
Deexit is made of Rain Africa, Strong Blood & Kush Man.

Rain Africa, Strong Blood & Kush Man are the names to with the voices on their tunes.

By Antwi Odrey | ghanashowbiz.com