Genevieve Nnaji & Stephanie Okereke star alongside Isaiah Washington, Jimmy Jean-Louis & Vivica A. Fox in Tony Abulu’s “Doctor Bello”

I recall reading a Tweet last week I believe it was, from Isaiah Washington, saying that he’d just landed in LagosNigeria with the filmmaker, Tony Abulu (he also included a photo of the two of them) Turns out,the trip to Nigeria was all about a movie project which will feature the likes of Vivica A.Fox,Stepahnie Okereke,Jimmy Jean-Louis,fabulous Geneveive Nnaji,Zack Orji to name but a few.The movie is entitled Doctor Bello.


Brilliant Cancer specialist Dr. Michael Durant is emotionally troubled, wrestling with the traumatic loss of his 10 year old daughter from Cancer. Immersing himself in his work in the hospital, away from his wife who blames him for their child’s death, he forms an unlikely bond with a sick, loving, but rambunctious seven year old boy Sam, the son of a rich Jewish couple who are major contributors to the Hospital’s Cancer Research Fund.

Unfortunately, Sam’s health deteriorates drastically, and soon, he slips into a coma, with only a few days to live. Dr. Durant becomes desperate, willing to risk anything to save the child’s life. A surreptitious Nigerian Nurse convinces him to seek the help of Dr. Bello, an uncertified Nigerian Doctor, known in the Brooklyn-African underground as a miracle worker. Dr. Bello, an introvert with a controversial past, secretly visits the child at night and administers a strange African potion, replete with incantations and by the next morning, miraculously, the child begins to recover, the Cancer speeding into remission.

The Hospital Medical Board immediately orders an investigation and soon the secret is revealed and Dr. Durant is suspended. Dr. Bello is arrested and charged with medical malpractice. Dr. Durant soon falls into depression after his wife leaves him. Meanwhile, Dr. Bello has fallen critically ill in jail and can only be saved by the ingestion of the same potion that can only be found in the mysterious “Garden of Life,” nestled on the peak of Nigeria’s sky mountains.

The website for the movie is up and running. Do visit for more information about the cast and crew of the movie.