I Have Over 700 Pairs Of Shoes: Delay

Showbiz personality Delores Frimpong Manso aka Delay is at it again. This time she bragged about having not less than 700 pairs of shoes whose prices range between GH¢25 and $3000.

Though Delay made the revelation in an interview with News-One last December, the paper decided to hold on to the story until she made it public herself; and indeed she announced it on her Delay Talk Show over the weekend.

For a single individual to own over 700 pairs of shows means even if she changes shoes on a daily basis, it would take her some two years to wear each of her shoes. “In this country, no one has more shoes than I do. From time to time I pack them in bags and dash them out but I still have more and continue to add to my stock. You know I own shoe shops and when I buy my stock, I take the ones I like; sometimes 10 or 15 and after some time, I realized that I have so many shoes and there are times I have about three pairs of the same type of shoes,” she told News-One in December.

It is surprising why someone would spend so much money on shoes alone and Delay’s source of wealth has become an issue of public speculation in recent times.

Delay recently denied News-One reports that she and a friend of hers who owns a night club are involved in a lucrative strip-tease business in Milan.

Just a little over 28 years, Delay owns a house and a fleet of good cars including 4×4 Infinity, a Chrysler 300C and a Toyota Highlander.
She is also on record to have bragged that no man has ever seen her nakedness and that she is still a virgin.

  • Sheila

    Delay even you have billion pair of shoes it doesn’t concerns GH in anyway you aint a kid so stop all these, such sayings are for children

  • Sheila

    Delay even if you have billions pair of shoes it doesn’t concerns GH in anyway you aint a kid so stop all these, such sayings are for children they those who count all they have to their friends .From the look at how you are behaving you can even count all your panties to GH stop all this including your virgin issue and get a man to settle with and make a family.SHAME

  • Pope Breezy

    700 pairs of shoes ? HIGHLY LAUGHABLE ! Honey those things you call legs are nothing to talk about. Perhaps you could sell them shoes and use the money to finance a legs and face job.

    FYI great legs go with great shoes.

  • ajbabe

    oooooo charlyyyyyyyyy…u down graded her paa o…lmaoooooo…smh