I’d keep you smiling | Moesha Boduong


Moesha Boduong

An aspiring actress who is blessed with all the goodies to the eyes of onlookers talks about her lifestyle with Delay in an interview. My friend close your eyes…. do not look too much…. Anyway I don’t blame you for looking, I believe the saying “You can look but can’t touch” is applicable here.


Moesha Boduong is her name if you wish to check out on facebook, Instagram page or visit twitter for more updates on her. As for those who have different motives should consider contacting Ghanashowbiz for directions. We will give you all the tips to assist your mission.Moesha-Boduong

This kind of asset can cause the blind to see. A caricature you can not avoid. The interview reveals all the hints to the cause of a determined man.

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By Antwi Odrey