I’ll Do Great In English Movies – Mercy Asiedu

Mercy Asiedu – I’ll Do Great In English Movies Popular Ghanaian actress, Mercy Asiedu who is normally seen in Akan movies says she would do better than some of the English speaking actresses if she decides to go into English language productions.

According to her, the English productions are normally not as difficult as the Akan speaking ones. “The English language productions are normally “chew and pour “but with the Akan ones, we have to translate the dialogue from English into Akan and ensure that it makes sense within the context that it occurs”, Mercy Asiedu told Showbiz last weekend.

Known for movies like Asew 419, Abrokyire Bayie, Abrokyire Abrabo, Dabone Mu Dabone ,Odo Foforo and Menko M’Abusua, Mercy Asiedu said it was easier for an actor in Akan movies to feature in English productions than it is for an English language actor to feature in Akan productions.

“Most of the English speaking actors have had the opportunity to improve themselves in schools and in training programmes but that doesn’t mean they are any better than us”, she said.

The 40- year- woman and a mother of two hates the fact that people see the Akan movie productions as mediocre. “The Akan movie productions sell more than the English ones and Ghanaians enjoy watching more of the Akan productions than the English. The story lines in the Akan production are usually the best” .

She suggested that, it’s about time producers blend the English language actors with the Akan actors to give Ghanaian movies a unique flavour. “Nigerian movies are often a mix of the local language and English so why can’t we do same here?

The Kumasi based actress said she was now into music and her new gospel song Ye Me Ho Nsenkyerene is picking up. It is her second album following Gye Me Taa Taa and is recorded by George Forest and Dan Basco.

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