John Amedorme promotes ‘Borborbor’ music

23925656A seasoned radio presenter, John Kyere Amedorme, has appealed to his colleagues in the electronic industry to help promote the local Ghanaian music instead of foreign ones, on their various networks.

The handsome-looking gentleman, who is always fired up with energy and seems to have bigger ambitions beyond broadcasting, stressed that radio presenters in Ghana had failed the music industry because of their failure to promote local music, especially Borborbor, which he claimed had won international recognition.

“Why are we placing much premium on music from Nigeria and other parts of the world, instead of hyping our own?” he queried.

According to Kyere Amedorme, also known as Sir John, it was about time radio DJs and presenters gave value to local music in order to boost the economy and improve upon the lives of the people. John Kyere Amedorme has been the regular host of the Borborbor programme on Pink 96.9 FM at Kasoa in the Central Region, every Sunday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

He said though he has a lot of competitors, none of them could withstand him because of the uniqueness of and the flair he has for his programme, which promotes local music such as Borborbor.

Many listeners see John – who undoubtedly has a large audience when he is on air as a force to reckon with when it comes to good programming and beautiful gospel music presentation.

On how he handles criticisms, he replied, “I like to listen to criticisms because they help me to improve upon my work. They make me a better person. Criticisms are good. Criticisms help you to become a better person.”

John, who observed that the broadcasting industry had become vibrant, added that radio had come a long way. “We can do a lot more to make it better.

The competition among radio stations is healthy. I have a lot of respect for those who are doing their very best in the professional way,” he underscored.

Source: Daily Guide