YFM’s Giovani – Now host of ‘Late Night Celebrity Show’


Enewsgh.com has hinted that Programmes Manager at YFM,  Caleb ‘Giovani’ Adjomah, is to be named as the new host of e.TV’s Late Night Celebrity Show.  Due for a return in October, the station’s management are preparing to name him as a replacement for the show’s former host Laila Abubakar, who also took over from Dzifa Smith (now known as Dzifa Affainie). The show’s producers are seeking a revamp of sorts that would aid inan effective transition into a possible late night must-have.

Station executives are seeking to inject some life into a show badly in need of a pick-me-upper. A formal launch will be held in the coming weeks to announce the new changes. It is likely the show’s airing time will also change, we can say.he choice of Caleb, we understand, was unanimous, and a reward for the brilliance he’s displayed across the group’s (Global Media Alliance) radio and television platforms. One of urban media’s witty heads, Caleb, has seen a young, radio and television career jump up so high, becoming a known voice and face.