Azonto vs Yepa who wins ?

The Azonto dance has become an international phenomenon having captivated the world by it’s subliminal messages,slick foot work and facial expressions not to mention the excitement generated regardless of where it is performed or who performs it. Azonto like my buddy  Akwasi Robot rightly put it “is an equal opportunity dance.”

After being featured on CNN’s African Voices,Azonto now cuts across cultural boundaries and so has led to spawns all across the globe,notably the Azonto done by a Norwegian dance company,the viral video from London and Germany and the ever popular ChriZonto(christian azonto). These days my Azonto radar is on the look out where ever I find myself,you will be surprised who does the Azonto these days.(filla later)

I heard about a new dance craze called the Yepa Dance from Nigeria and so set off to discover more about it.Turns out a Nigerian singer by  name Shadow D’Don, has a new single out called Yepa and from the song sprung the YEPA dance which i believe has some “similarities” to the AZONTO with a pinch of of the DOUGIE. Below is an instroductory video of the  Yepa Dance. Is Yepa the cousin of Azonto  or is Azonto the baby daddy of Yepa ? Whiles you are at it, do sample Shadow  D’Don’s YEPA video. Do we have an Azonto/Yepa  rivalry on our hands ?