D-Black Accused of Stealing His New Single ‘VERA’

Today an anonymous tip was sent to me that Desmond Blackmore, D Black, of Black Avenue Entertainment had allegedly ‘stolen’ the intellectual property of an upcoming artist in Ghana and represented it as his own creation.

The song in question here is none other than his hit single off the Revelation album, ‘Vera‘ ft new act, Joey B. I had personally applauded the massive talent both acts represented on the track though I must add that it was quite a venture I had not seen D Black into.

However, over time I came to realize that not only could D-Black divert wonderfully from his normal hardcore rap to such happy-go-lucky track, but he was actually very versatile.

According to my informant, the original song is ‘Sadia‘ by Blaka.

Listen to “Sadia” in the video below:

I wouldn’t know why after all this time he would know choose this time to release the information that D Black’s hit song was actually his but I believe it is just another improper publicity stunt.

I say this because after perusing the said ‘Sadia‘ song, I realised that both tracks shared similarities but if you based such a very atrocious judgment on that, you might just be saying Adele writing love-songs that sounds likes Avant‘s is stealing So if it is publicity he want I just gave him some.

Listen to D-Black’s “Vera” in the video below:



Source: Roiskidgh.blogspot.com