Debbie Vanessa Sings Uncle Obama

To prove how true the saying “It runs in the family” is,Wanlov da Kubolor’s “mad scientist” gene has been discovered in her little sister Debbie Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu.

Debbie’s new single Uncle Obama has all the ingredients needed a la Wanluv da Kubolor style needed to spark controversy. The song has some suggestive lyrics about  Debbie’s love for multiracial bananas of which her uncle Obama’s banana is no exception.In fact she mentioned giving wofa Obama’s banana to her monkey.I mean really !

The apple indeed does not fall far from the tree.With this single,Debbie has found her rightful place seated on the right hand of brother dearest,the king of  lyrical mind twisters,the skirt  rocking gypsy(those wrappers are a beautiful work of  art),Ghana’s beloved vagabond the one and only Wanluv,but i’ll advice lil Debbie to stick to her day job and leave the brain tickling music to the king.

Now take a whiff of  the single Uncle Obama and make of it what you will.





  • akua

    She probably did it for fun but i like the song. Cant someone do something for fun without being criticize, I think she will be great in the music industry.

  • Pato

    @akua. no matter what one does in this world one would definitely bear some criticism.whether debbie sang the song for fun or for whatever reason some one is bound to listen to it and would pass some comment or criticize it, what she does with the criticism is what matters.after all you also heard the song and based on what you heard you thought “she will be great in the music industry” didn’t you critic her work before coming to that conclusion ?