FERRARI yet to be release by Shatta movement

The dancehall commando is not giving up at all as he release a photoshop to his up coming new single called FERRARI featuring Criss Waddle and produced by RonyTumMeUp, a collaboration of Shatta Movement and AMG Business.

Speaking with, Shatta expressed his joy for fans and has promised to keep up the good work. Bear in mind he release a single on his Range Rover, rumour has it that Ferrari is likely to make its way to the new purchased house.

To keep in touch with his fans, he recently posted a photo of the new house on social media. “Me love me fans, them make me strong” said Shatta. He rolled up a fist in the air and screamed “this na shatta movement thing”.

Be on the look out for the single.

You will love.

By Owusu Domedi

shatta Wa