They have been all over the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Remember their song “Thank God I’m Not A Nigerians”, the recent interview where there was an exposure of a certain male extremity by Wanlov (hmm these guys never cease to amaze me.) Like all that was not enough,they came out with another  provocative song entitled “Sexing Islamic Girls” which led me to album “FOKN With Ewe.”

This 18 track record is purported to have a genre  on its own-Gospel Porn. Yes you heard it right,GOSPEL PORN. The shock and awe effect the group FOKN BOIS exudes is peerless not to mention the talent these guys are endowed with. But why the penchant for controversy and insanity ?

To tell you the truth FOKN BOIS packs a punch where musical creativity is concerned but then, they tend to lose their way where their choice of lyrics and insanity comes into play. Take a whiff of the FOKN with Ewe record and you will catch my drift. In truth they are  FOKN WITH U(EWE).The silliness is getting out of hand either that or the gods of music have deserted FOKN BOIS and what is left of them is indeed F@#$. I believe there is something out there for everyone and the few fans of FOKN BOIS are enjoying themselves but spare the majority who appreciate the gift of music the misfortune of having to deal with the cacophony of silliness and get back on track.

It’s ok to be different,its ok to march to the beat of your own drum but soon the fun is lost when one turns uniqueness into uttermost stupidity or an attention seeking ploy. I was one of those who had fun with the infamous Thank God I’m Not A Nigerians number but now the humor is all gone.Waste a few moments of your time to sample the album below.