2131RECORDS Partners 4Syte TV – (4syte TV online)

2131RECORDS, a brand new wing of the 2131CONGLOMERATE, with 4syte TV hosts and Yfm presenter/programmes manager Jay Foley and Jeremie as its directors of the company, have taken on the task of promoting Ghanaian music and music artistes not only on the local front but internationally. A new partnership with 4syte Studios, Ghana’s number entertainment program was signed off with 2131RECORDS to expand their horizon of services in the entertainment industry worldwide. The new package, 4SYTE ONLINE, will have updates, pictures and episodes of 4syte TV on different websites. Website managers are thereby being asked to subscribe with 2131RECORDS for weekly episodes of 4syte TV. This move has a simple objective outlined, “4syte TV is everywhere”.

4Syte TV which has been in operations for close to 6 years will now have its entertaining program on Radio, specifically on YFM powered by 2131EXPRESS. The show is set to roll on the1st of June, 2012 at 7pm on YFM. If you missed out on the weekend episode, then this radio should definitely give you a total recall. The new Radio program dubbed 4SYTE RADIO. The show will maintain it current TV hosts, Jeremie and Jay Foley, equally bringing you all the hottest and exciting information just as it is on TV. In a discussion with 4syte Studios on this merger, Ignace Hego, CEO of 4syte Studios confidently trusts the administrative competence of 2131 and believes strongly that this partnership will create a new face to his brand.

A YouTube channel is also being arranged for viewers to relive the 4syte TV experience in a 2 to 3 min YouTube video that will recap episodes. This gives 4syte TV fans a chance to watch episodes they missed on TV.

This merger between 2131RECORDS and 4syte TV will go miles to improve and continue to entertain already loyal fans and the masses.



Jay Foley/modernghana.com