5 mins interview with Jeanette Altovice Quashie of “Jeanie JQ Fashion Accessory Brand”

Jeanette Altovice Quashie

Jeanette Altovice Quashie

Antwi Odrey: Can I say you are addicted to fashion?

Jeanette Altovice Quashie: Fashion is a way of life so you can say yes I’m addicted to fashion. There is nothing else I would rather do. I can’t go a day without thinking of ways to improve my work and other ways to improve the ideas I share with my students. As you are aware fashion evolves and is constantly changing. What was fashionable yesterday is not in fashion today. There is nothing else I would rather do.

Antwi Odrey: Where would you place yourself; fashion for money or fashion for charity?

Jeanette Altovice Quashie:  I am bridge between the two. You cannot operate a business and neglect your social responsibilities to the community. I find it impossible not to give back. I do that in hopes of using fashion as a force for good. It always puts smiles on faces…now that is fulfilling to me.

Antwi Odrey: You have come very far in fashion business, are there any memories to share?

Jeanette Altovice Quashie: My journey in fashion has been a long one. My first memory was at age 12 when I used to make clothes for my doll which is now kept safely in my parents house. Little did I know that I will end up in the fashion industry. Another memory I have is when I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Hogan brand in italy to design shoes. This was a great privilege.

Antwi Odrey: Finally, whats the future of Ghana fashion in the global fashion industry?

Jeanette Altovice Quashie: Fashion in Ghana looks very positive. It has developed so much over the last 10years.  Getting our work out there to the world is the key. With the help of internet, we are getting on the global scale. However a united front with other fashion designers will push our work out there collectively. The fashion industry grows rapidly. Globalisation has affected creativity and blend of cultures in designing. African inspired motif fabrics and batiks have influenced international fashion designers works,music and arts industries world wide. This tells me that Africa/Ghana has what it takes.

Jeanette Altovice Quashie
Jeanie JQ Design Studio
Fashion & Accessories Designer M.A
Creative Design & Working Drawing Consultant