A-plus and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw smoke peace pipe

imagesControversial hiplife musician Kwame Asare Obeng, known on stage as A-Plus and legal practitioner Dr. Maurice Ampaw have called a truce after Mr. Ampaw sued A-Plus for defamation.

The legal practitioner sued the musician for posting comments on his facebook wall which the lawyer said were defamatory.

A-Plus had written a letter addressed to Dr. Ampaw on his Facebook wall criticising him for not disclosing the whereabouts of Castro and Janet Bandu in breach of an earlier promise to do so by a certain date.

After the publication, Dr. Maurice Ampaw sued the musician for of GHc1 million for the comments.

The case was first called on November 3, and adjourned to November 14, 2014.

But before the next adjourned date, the two met over the weekend at the Aviation Social Centre for a private party. A-Plus and lawyer Ampaw hugged and chatted heartedly and resolved to withdraw the case.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Myjoyonline.com, the lawyer disclosed that after meeting with A-Plus and a careful deliberation on the matter, the two have decided to patch up their differences.

“I’m so excited to meet A-Plus in person, I’ve never met him before, I love him so much and I think that in everything that happens you have to give thanks to God. If this had not come, I don’t think that I would have had the opportunity to have a very [important] interaction with A-Plus and I think that it is better for us, it is better for the country that brothers will try to patch up any differences.”

He explained that, “Actually I have decided to withdraw the case from court and be a brother to A-Plus and maybe something good will come out of this relationship.” This should end the matter, he stressed.

According to him, his decision to withdraw the matter from court was because of the healthy relationship he has with A-Plus’ lawyer, Gary Nimako Marfo and the musician’s explanations.

A-Plus on his part told Myjoyonline.com that, “I think that the best thing we can do as men is when you have issues with somebody, especially somebody who is older than you and he takes the initiative to try and sort it, you don’t want to go into who was right and who was wrong.”

He expressed profound appreciation to Dr Ampaw for withdrawing the matter from court.

The lawyer disclosed that he will file a motion on notice to discontinue and inform the court that “this is a suit that we have resolved.