Accra Film School Hosts Film Making 101

The Accra Film School (AFS), an Accra-based private film and television training institute, is organizing a two-day programme on screening writing at the British Council in Accra.

The event, dubbed ‘Film Making 101’, starts today Friday, July 13. NEWS-ONE had an exclusive with the director of AFS, Rex Anthony Annan, on the rationale behind and details of the training event.

“We are having a screen writing workshop and this is meant to bring people who are interested in writing for the screen together so we can take them through the basics of writing for that industry.

We have realized there is a great interest in film in Ghana and as a film school, we need to contribute to this movement. “Unfortunately, many people think that because they watch movies at home they can also produce a film but we actually need to bring the classroom to the door steps of these movie enthusiasts.

Our targets are people who want to write and people who have actually written a script but cannot put it into a professional format.
Details of Training

“For the first day, we would teach the rules of screen writing and for day two we look at how to be creative and innovative about the rules.
We termed it ‘adding flavor and breaking the rules’ because the rules are there but if we want to stick to the rules every time, you can’t be innovative and bring change.

We would actually teach the balancing act of blending the rules with being creative to come out with a professional script for film and television.”

“Nii Kwatei Quartey and Tash Morgan are the two main speakers. Nii Kwatei is a renowned film director who trained in NAFTI and has done several award-winning movies.

He is a lecturer in our school and handles directing and acting. Tash Morgan is a film producer and writer from South Africa and has worked on international productions like Big Brother Africa Amplified and she has a deep passion for writing.

Tash actually believes that writing is the beginning stage for screen work. Her passion in writing is about the details and the basics.
They would take the topics in details and break it down in a very practical and friendly manner.”

I would say anybody with an interest in writing or directing. The fellow just needs to get registered. When you visit our website, or check press for details, the registration details are clearly spelt out.

Accra Film School
“The Accra Film School is a professional film school where we train people to be professionals for the film and television industry.
Our targets are people who have had some form of education and are interested in the film industry.

“Most people stumble into television production and filmmaking in Ghana and they do not have a clue about the job. But from experience, we realized that what someone is learning on the job, there are certain drawbacks because it is not a formal training in a formal environment.

On-the-job training is important but it is always best to have formal training first if we really want to raise the bar. “We offer six months and twelve months training depending on what programme you want to take and we are actually approved by the Ghana Education Service.

We offer certificate and diploma courses in film directing, acting, script writing, film make-up, digital editing, graphic design, 3D animation, art direction, camera, light and sound technique, still photography, TV presentation, production management and we adopt a hands-on approach in teaching.

Because we believe the best way to learn is to actually hear, see and do. We let the students see the relevance of what they are learning.”

Source: News One