Actress fights Antrak Air over ‘unapproved fare and mistreatment’

Actress Luckie Lawson is at war with domestic air-carrier Antrak Air for what she said were unfair charges and treatment meted out to her and her crew at the Tamale Airport Tuesday.

The actress, speaking in an interview with, said she is angry and disappointed in the carrier after she and her 2-man crew were asked to pay, through no fault of theirs, extra for their flight back to Accra from Tamale after the flight they were to travel with developed a fault.

The Aantrak Air flight, she narrated, developed a fault just as they were about to take off, and due to their safety, the captain of the flight advised that passengers aboard the flight use a different flight.

Due to that, 80 to 90 percent of the stranded passengers were airlifted on a Starbow Airlines flight to Accra while the remaining passengers, including her crew and herself, were asked to join another flight.

“They told us they will get as another flight to Accra,” Luckie disclosed, and was shocked to be told by management of Antrak Air in the Northern regional capital that they had to pay extra to join Fly 540 to Accra.

She explained that the fare for their Antrak Air flight cost GHS165 per head (GHS495 for three) and per the new demand, she is supposed to pay an extra amount of GHS48 per head (amounting to GHS144).

Efforts to get the regional manager of the airline to clarify the issue, she said, proved futile forcing them to pay the extra fee to enable them fly back to Accra.

“You mess up our day and now I have to pay extra to come back to Accra and they didn’t care. They were going to leave us there so we had to add extra money just to get on that flight,” The Familiar Strangers producer said.

Luckie stressed that, after that treatment, she “won’t let them go. It is not about the money, that is not important to me. It is the condition … it is the customer service … they don’t care.”

“They need to apologise because it was unfair. They can’t treat customers like that,” she lamented and hinted that she was going to take legal action against the airline for the treatment.

Meanwhile Mr. Oduro Saka, Sales Manager of Antrak Air debunked the allegations leveled against them by the actress, saying they explained the situation fully to the actress and the passengers and “it was wrong for her to say that”.

He said the airline would not ask a passenger to pay extra for a flight and whenever there is such a development, they refund fares to passengers so they get their own flights to their destinations.

Quizzed what might have caused the Antrak Air flight from flying Tuesday, Mr. Saka explained that after the passengers had boarded the flight and it was ready to take off, the captain of the flight noticed some smoke coming out of the engine and therefore had to cancel the flight.

The actress, and her crew, has since arrived in Accra.