Afrinolly Debuts ‘Street Talk’

240x_mg_m62tlx8kje_afrinollystreettalkBuilding on its trend of nurturing new talents and changing the face of entertainment in Nigeria, Afrinolly is rolling out ‘Street Talk,’ a new series that will deliver premium viewing content for mobile phone users. Less than five (5) minutes each, the vox pop-styled skits are hosted by Ayodeji Bamidele a.k.a Heavy. In each episode, Heavy hits the streets with a camera to uncover people’s thoughts on myriad issues.

If you think you’re the only one with strange thoughts about the most controversial issues, think again, as Afrinolly’s ‘Street Talk’ shows that you are not alone. Same goes for the normal-thinking man on the street, if there’s any one like that.

From sagging to PDAs (yes, kissing in public and more), ‘Street Talk’ brings you the weird and the not-so-weird opinions that everyday people hold on numerous controversial topics that many are usually reluctant to talk about in public. With an infusion of blatant honesty and an apt dose of humour, ‘Street Talk’ will entertain you and have you questioning previously-held views and prejudices.

The show’s host, Heavy holds a diploma from PEFTI Film Institute’s Performing and Media Arts Department and he was spotted by the Afrinolly team during the Institute’s last graduation ceremony in December 2012.

The event was a chance for the institute’s graduates to display their prowess on and off screen. Bamidele’s vox-pop show proved the most catchy and humorous presentation ensuring the director carted home the prize for the Best Student Project.

Adopting ‘Street Talk’ under the Afrinolly banner is one of the ways through which the company is encouraging extraordinary talent in the area of content creation.

Editor’s Note:
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