“Afriyie Acquah Is Still My Husband”- Amanda declares

images 1Embattled wife of Ghanaian soccer star Afriyie Acquah, Amanda Acquah, who has been linked with one scandal after the other, has stated in an exclusive interview withPeacefmonline.com that she is still legally and customarily married to the Black Stars player.

Amanda has denied rumors of her divorce insisting that she is still married to the Torino F.C. midfielder. She admitted that their marriage is currently going through some difficult times but its definitely not over.

“We are not divorced, we are just separated. We have been separated since March this year. Afriyie is in Italy and I am in London but we are still married and Afriyie Acquah is still my husband. My family has not received any drink from his family asking for divorce and we have not signed any divorce papers”.

Asked why some members from her husband’s family went on radio to confirm their divorce, Amanda said some of her in-laws including her mother-in-law doesn’t like her and she was even happy to hear they both live separately, so she rushed to grant interviews to the media, but as far as she is concerned, her husband has not even started any divorce process.

Amanda also stated that Afriyie Acquah still performs his duty as a husband and that he takes care of her like he always does as any husband. “He still takes care of me and performs his responsibilities as my husband. He sends me money like he always does and nothing has changed“.

Asked if she has communicated with her husband since her sex tape was released, she said “I spoke to him and he is definitely not happy and he is shocked about the naked video that has been released because he knows he is the only one who has the video and he knows I did it for him”.