Ama K. Abebrese warns of a scam using her name for money

Actress Ama K. Abebrese is warning her fans and the public of a scammer who is using her name on social networking sites especially Facebook to extort money from unsuspecting people for auditions.

The Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) Best Actress winner posted on Facebook Monday that the scammer, with the name Stephen Akrong, is posing as her manager and is requesting interested persons to call a certain number and pay US$150 to attend auditions.

According to her message, “I have been informed by a fan on Facebook that there is fake Ama K Abebrese page, with a guy pretending to being my manager, asking people to call this number *********, and pay 150 dollars to attend auditions.”

The Sinking Sands star cautioned, “Please anyone that knows me, will know that this is false and I always advise upcoming actors not to fall for these scams. Please if someone who claims to be me is asking for money on the internet, please Do Not Do It.”

“In fact if anyone is asking for money on the internet,” she added, “think twice, and be cautious. Again the fake Ama K Abebrese account below, is set up by internet fraudsters, so please do not fall for it.”’s checks on the alleged scammed page saw a message posted on Friday, May 25 asking interested persons to apply to audition for a movie role.

The message read, “Hello fans how are you doing? This is for those who are interested in movies. There is an audition going on and I would to introduce to those who are interested. If you are interested, send your CV with your passport picture to (Please take notice of the spelling of the audition, we used auudition and not audition. After your CV is received you will be contacted. ASAP..I LOVE YOU ALL FANS TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND DON’T DO THINGS I WOULDN’T DO.”

When contacted the actress she said she was very disturbed when the fan told her about the scam.

The scammer, she added, used her personal information and Facebook postings to persuade people to believe his scam.

Asked what she has done about the situation, Ama K, as she is affectionately known, said she has made an official report to Facebook to block that account.


Ghana | | Ernest Dela Aglanu