Ameriie Explains Hiatus + What Keri Hilson Needs to Do to Save Music Career

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Ameriie (formerly Amerie) has been away from the forefront of the music scene after the success of her smash hit “One Thing,” and people often wonder if she could have been a much bigger artist.

She stopped by to chat it up with the Breakfast Club crew recently and she opens up about her hiatus and she even gave her thoughts on the Keri Hilson and Beyonce situation.

When asked why she stepped back from the music scene, Ameriie says:

“You know what it is? Everything is about timing. I’m a big believer in timing. I still feel like I haven’t reached my peak yet. It was like just starting and then I don’t want to say…things went left. It’s all timing.

“Really what is was…was going to label to label. That’s part of it and one of the things for me is it always took so long. Like I’m so happy now you can actually just put out music. It’s a little different. It’s a lot easier but it’s also much more out there. Sometimes it’s hard to cut through. But for me, I would record an album and by the time we’re ready to put it out…it’s slow. I’m on to the next thing. Musically I’m on to the next thing.”

Ameriie also feels like Keri Hilson’s music career could be revived if she came back with some great music.

On the BeyHive’s wrath against Keri Hilson, Ameriie says:

“But see if Keri comes out with a record and everybody’s like, ‘oh I love this record’…see here’s the thing that’s really interesting about human nature. I feel like sometimes people think, ‘that hurt you because of this’…people just want to listen to music. They want to ride in the car with your music. You can do pretty much almost anything terrible way beyond saying something bad about somebody. If you can make people dance, make people move, they don’t really care about anything else.”

Check out the interview below:

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles