Angela Simmons’ Responds | Pregnancy Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Angela Simmons confirmed recently that she’s officially engaged, but it didn’t take long for the gossip about her relationship to start making rounds.

Some seem to think Angela’s engagement happened kind of fast leading some to suspect she could be pregnant.

Funky Dineva writes:

The word is that her family is unaware of her pregnancy and that she is hiding her pregnancy from her family thus far. Chile, I told y’all that this Atlanta pond is too small to contain tea this sweet. Sutton Tennyson is the father of Angela’s unborn child.

This pregnancy may explain this rushed/unexpected engagement. Let’s not act like Sutton didn’t have another girlfriend in December whom which he purchased a Range Rover for.

Interestingly enough, it seems Angela may have shut down the rumors by posting photos of her midsection to Instagram account earlier:

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles |