Angela Yee Talks Confrontation with K Michelle + Points out Double Standards

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Weeks ago K Michelle had some words for Angela Yee during her recent interview with the Breakfast Club. Apparently K was upset with Yee because she didn’t like the fact that she asked Uncle Murda about comments made regarding K Michelle’s lady parts. K just feels Angela Yee should hold women down and not participate in those kind of discussions.

But Angela Yee recently opened up about the situation and she feels K is being counterproductive. In a recent interview with This Is 50, Angela claims she felt the topic was fair game considering how public the topic was. She also calls out K for having higher standards for women journalists than men, especially Charlamagne and DJ Envy.

Angela Yee says:

“My whole thing is it hasn’t changed anything and it hasn’t affected me in any way.

“My whole thing is we interview people and I might know a whole lot more than what I say. And I know a lot. But if I feel something is out there, and it’s on the blogs and it’s been said and we have every right to bring it up. If it’s something that’s behind the scenes that someone told me in confidence, I would never bring it up. But if it’s something that has been mentioned in songs and Twitter, in all different avenues, then you can’t be mad if anybody ask about it. And it’s like I told you before. It’s how you answer a question. You can dictate the flow of an interview.

“And to me it’s like don’t say women can’t ask questions but it’s okay for men to do it. That’s very counterproductive in my opinion.”

Angela is also shocked K was so upset about the situation considering her strong personality:

“And I feel like if you have that personality, where you do that all the time, then you can’t get sensitive. Because I had to go back and watch it because I know myself, and I know I don’t go in on women like that. And I never do.”

Check out the interview below:

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles|