Angelina Jolie gives Brad Pitt $3million watch as a wedding gift

imagesIf vowing to spend the rest of their lives together wasn’t enough it’s emerged that Angelina Jolie was feeling VERY generous on her wedding day to Brad Pitt. She’s said to have splashed out $3million on a watch to commemorate the day.

It might sound slightly excessive but given that the couple are said to have made $280million in the past six years it’s not going to break the bank.

So what can you get for your wrist for $3million (£1.85million)? Well, Angie picked up a coveted 1952 Patek Philippe platinum chronometer and she even had it inscribed with the words ‘To Roly, From Nessa’ – names of their characters in their new film By The Sea.

Given the storyline appears to be about a couple who are strulgging with their marriage we can’t work out if Angie’s gesture is cute or creepy. But then there’s nothing conventional about Brad and Ang is there. They are celebrating their honeymoon with their six-strong brood working on an emotionally-draining film in Malta. It’s hardly a fortnight in the Maldives is it?

In an interview with People magazine Ang revealed:’We are working together on a drama about grief and finding a way through a difficult marriage’, she said. ‘We find it very funny that it’s our honeymoon.’
Angelina, who has written the film and will also direct, said in May: ‘It’s not a big movie, it’s not an action movie. It’s the kind of movie we love but aren’t often cast in. It’s a very experimental, independent-type film where we get to be actors together and be really raw, open, try things.’