Angry movie producer fires Kwaku Manu, Akrobeto and Liwin

liwin-akrobetoMovie producer, Nakwadus, CEO of Nakwadus Production has described Kumawood actors, Kwaku Manu, Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin and Kwasi Boadi also known as Akrobeto as people who are afraid of competition. The ace movie producer stated that the three have plotted means of sabotaging upcoming actors who are better than them, hence their accusations against him.

The three actors through the Ashanti regional president of the Ghana Actors Guild, Bill Asamoah have threatened a legal action against UTV over their upcoming TV series “Abrabo” produced by Nakwadus Production. According to the disappointed actors, Nakwadus production paid them to shoot a movie but later realized that the scenes were for the “Abrabo” series which will start showing on UTV this Saturday. They also charged the movie producer for compiling different scenes from their previous movies for the series.

Reacting to the accusations by the actors on Radio Univers, Nakwadus called their allegation a bluff stating that he has paid them for their services “so whatever I use the scenes for, its none of their business”.

There are over hundred people in the series so why are they the only people angry? Are they more human than the others in the series?

They are actors and I paid them to work for me. They looked at the story and they charged me according to that.

The angry movie producer told Abrantepa, host of “Brunch to Lunch” that the agreement between them did not state categorically that the scenes were for a movie or a series.

We agreed for them to act and they did that and I also fulfilled my portion of the agreement by paying them.

It is not a song they composed for me, it is a movie and I can use it for anything I want.

The movie producer again refuted claims that he pieced together different scenes from several movies for the series.

Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), Mr. Asare Hackman also revealed on the show that the association together with copyright office will meet on Thursday, September 4 to solve the issue.