Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Kantaka wins life time achievement award

apostle kwadwo

Yesterday at the 4syte movie awards at the conference center where stars merged to receive awards on

movie videos in the Ghanaian industry. Most people were surprised when Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo

Kantaka was named on the night of the show as the life time achievement award winner. Most people

were surprised because it was strange for him to win an award related to music videos. This professor is

well known for his entrepreneurial skills in education and innovation but not music video awards.

The organizers of the show have said that the award was not based on music videos but other criteria

which is for people who have achieved and affected Ghanaians as a whole. This they said will be the

format for the preceding years.

Another issue was raised by several journalists on radio who didn’t get invitation to the program and

publicity was bad which affected the attendance of the media at the event. Surprisingly some stake

holders were given regular tickets for the event. Some nominees were not also invited to the program

and were at a lost as to what to do? According to some reliable sources Nana Asi Hene was asked to

vacate his seat to make room for 4X4 even though there were no name tag on the chair.

Source: Monica Otumfour|ghanashowiz.com|